Welcome! My first post!

Well, here we are, my first post! I've been working on this website for some time so hopefully, it all works and is aesthetically pleasing for you, my readers. It is rather barren at the moment. I'll be adding more posts and media as time goes on. As of this writing, I've begun the road trip to Haida Gwaii. Left the Kootenays, now travelling through the Okanagan, spending the night in Kelowna BC. It's been a beautiful warm sunny day, I take that as a good omen. As I drove north-west from Nelson BC I found myself once again gobsmacked by the beauty of the Canadian countryside. It never gets old. Rolling hills, snow-capped mountains, deep valleys, trees sweeping up and down the terrain as far as the eye can see, rushing rivers and crystal clear lakes. I do get the attraction of big city life (well, at least I did till about the mid 90's) but as I look out upon Canada's natural beauty I can't imagine why people would choose urban over rural. At the very least there are so many charming little towns across Canada with strong communities and picturesque views that seem ideal over the madness of big city life. Anyways, yeah...I recommend going out and really exploring Canada, really see what this country is all about.


Tomorrow it's an 8 + hour drive to Prince George. From Prince George, it's about another 8 hours to Prince Rupert where I'll be spending a couple of days before catching the ferry over to Haida Gwaii on the 4th. Don't think I'll have much rest till Prince Rupert. I still gotta record some videos of my trip for Youtube and get some photos up on my Hello Haida Gwaii accounts across social media. So much to do...Yet at the same time, I'm trying to slow my roll.


Well, I'm beat, gonna call it a night and hopefully I'll post again once I'm in Prince George.

P.S. Here's a picture I took of a statue of Ogopogo which can be found in Kelowna's Kerry Park. Ogopogo is Canada's version of the Loch Ness Monster. Apparently, if you stare out into Okanagan Lake long enough you can see Ogopogo...Or was it just a large piece of driftwood?

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