Time in Prince Rupert

Arrived in Prince Rupert yesterday. Tomorrow I take the ferry over to Haida Gwaii. Still tired from my travels plus I haven't slept all that well in the last couple day's but I'm excited about finally reaching Haida Gwaii.


Let's see...Last I posted I was in Kelowna, from there I travelled up to Prince George. It was interesting to pass by all the farms and ranches along the way. Can't even remember the last time I saw real live horses or bison for that matter. Hmmm...What else...I noticed gas prices seem to fluctuate considerably from town to town. Sometimes as much as .16 per litre difference between one town and the next. It was like the gas stations were just making up numbers because the gas prices were all over the place. I kept a close watch on my fuel gauge and filled up when it was cheap to do so.


My time in Prince George was uneventful for the most part. I stayed overnight at a cheap motel. The motel parking lot had a big sign that warned that management is not responsible for damaged vehicles or items stolen from vehicles. Which, considering I had everything I own in my car, made me nervous. How often did car break-ins occur at the motel? I wondered. Then in the middle of the evening, someone broke into one of the motel rooms via a window. I was really regretting my choice of accommodation. Counting on the fact of lightning not striking in the same place twice in one day I decided to stay at the motel and by morning I was thankful no one touched my car.


It was about an 8+ hour drive from Prince George to Prince Rupert. The last 100 km of the drive had some of the most beautiful vistas I've ever seen in Canada. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, rows of green trees and the ocean on the left. I managed to snap a photo of the view from my dirty car window you can see below.


The road as you approach Prince Rupert.



Prince Rupert is a small city. For some reason I expected it to be much bigger. About the same size as Nelson as it turns out. I did a little sightseeing. The city seems somewhere between gentrification and abandonment. So you'll have some shops and services like you'd find in any modern city in Canada, plenty of Asian cuisines and even a microbrewery, but you also have numerous abandoned storefronts, theatre, etc. that don't look like they are going to become anything any time soon. Somewhere in the middle is that which desires no change and is not going anywhere. I definitely got the feeling the city is still in off-season mode. I suppose a lot of what makes Prince Rupert run is the traffic going through it, which peaks in the summertime. Really can't say much more about Prince Rupert having only been here a couple of days. Though there are a few interesting cafes and restaurants in town worth checking out my budget kept me from exploring further. Last time I was here was when I was 2 years old so it's kinda wild that I would find myself back this way after living in southeastern Canada for so long. Below is a picture I took of a statue near the waterfront. To me, it says "Haida Gwaii, full steam ahead!"


Mariner Statue near Waterfront in Prince Rupert.


Well...Big day tomorrow so I'm calling it a night. It's about 7-8 hours on the ferry to Haida Gwaii, landing in Skidegate then I drive up to Port Clemens to a travellers hostel I'll be staying at. I'll share the details when I'm settled in and rested. Next stop Haida Gwaii!



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