Sunset Park Trail in Port Clements.


Day 3 in Haida Gwaii. After a morning of rain, the sun managed to peek out of the grey clouds in the early afternoon. Inspired by the change in weather and in the mood to explore I headed out of the hostel. A brief jaunt down the road and I came upon the Sunset Park Trail. It's a short trail that winds around, comes out to an open field, then continues until you reach Sunset Park Campground. On one side of the trail is the sea and if you are adventurous enough you can break from the trail and step out upon washed-up logs and brief sections of sand to get closer to the water. Which I had done in hopes of taking some pictures of the many Canada geese that have made Haida Gwaii their home at this time of year. Unfortunately, the geese are spooked easily and swim or fly away the moment they feel you are getting too close for comfort. Side observational note, I found it interesting that the geese always seem to be in mating pairs whether they are part of a larger group of geese or not.

Speaking of birds...At the end of the trail, aside from the campground, is a two-storey bird lookout tower. Apparently, it's a good bird watching spot if you have a pair of binoculars. Other than that you get a nice view of the coastline worthy of making the trek up the tower. Beyond Sunset Park Trail the trail of particular note around Port Clements is Golden Spruce Trail, which has an interesting story behind it. I'll be walking that trail within the next few days and will fill you in on the story of the infamous Golden Spruce.

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