Friday Market in Masset

Walking the streets of Masset I came upon a sign advertising the Masset Market, which is open Fridays between 11-2pm. This is located across the street from the Credit Union Bank. The market officially runs from May to September though there is at least one vendor that is there year round. I stopped by to take a look.

Masset Market vendor.
Masset Market vendor.

At a single table sat a woman representing St. Mary's Spring Estate Farm, selling a small variety of prepared foods from organic local made kombucha, hummus, sourdough rye, jams, ginger cookies and more. We talked briefly about the market and what to expect come May, which amounted to a good amount of locally sourced produced and prepared foods from numerous vendors as well as live music and fresh coffee to sip while you peruse.

Vendor foods.
Prepared foods at Masset Market.

I bought a loaf of sourdough rye, which was good hearty bread probably weighing at least 2lbs. As I hadn't eaten yet I couldn't wait to cut off a few slices and slather it in butter, top it with some scrambled eggs, hmmm...Yum. Bread in hand I made my way down the street towards the guesthouse I was staying at and came across another food vendor from Lavoie Family Farm who was selling organic produce and farm fresh eggs. I spoke to the proprietors briefly. Their farm is just outside Port Clements, all their goods are certified organic and the bulk of their produces comes in the fall. Right now they are finishing up a harvest of carrots. They supply to stores and restaurants across the island.

Produce, eggs and flowers from Lavoie Family Farms.

If you're up in Masset dropping by the Market on Fridays seems like a good way to get some delicious local foods and support small businesses and local farms. I hope to see more of the market when it's in full swing. Below is a picture of the yummy sourdough rye I bought.

Sourdough Bread
Sourdough Rye Bread

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