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Onward Point Trail.
Onward Point Trail

Had a little time in Sandspit, located on Moresby Island, and decided to check out one of the local trails. Onward Point Trail is about half-way between the ferry landing and the airport. It’s a short trail that circles around, … Read More

Friday Market in Masset

Walking the streets of Masset I came upon a sign advertising the Masset Market, which is open Fridays between 11-2pm. This is located across the street from the Credit Union Bank. The market officially runs from May to September though … Read More

Golden Spruce Trail Interpretive Plaques

I am the Yakoun River. The largest in Haida Gwaii. In my waters swim all species of salmon including Sockeye, Chum, Coho, Pink and Chinook. In my wake cedar-carved canoes drift. I look after the Haida, feed their families, nourish … Read More

Golden Spruce Trail Sign.
Golden Spruce Trail

About 3.5 km from Port Clements is the infamous Golden Spruce Trail. So the story goes, once upon a time on the banks of the Yakoun River stood an anomalous spruce tree with golden needles. It should not have been … Read More

Masset Sign
Quick Road Trip to Masset

The drive to Masset from Port Clements is about 45 minutes. As pretty much all the villages on Haida Gwaii are connected by highways (with the exception of crossing from one island to the next where a boat is needed, … Read More

Sunset Park Trail
Sunset Park Trail in Port Clements.

  Day 3 in Haida Gwaii. After a morning of rain, the sun managed to peek out of the grey clouds in the early afternoon. Inspired by the change in weather and in the mood to explore I headed out … Read More

First day in Haida Gwaii.

The Ferry to Haida Gwaii. The ferry over to Haida Gwaii is perhaps the longest journey by boat I’ve ever taken. The ferry itself is comfortable and spacious, I suppose more so that it was only half full of passengers … Read More

Time in Prince Rupert

Arrived in Prince Rupert yesterday. Tomorrow I take the ferry over to Haida Gwaii. Still tired from my travels plus I haven’t slept all that well in the last couple day’s but I’m excited about finally reaching Haida Gwaii.   … Read More